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Census   Smart   Counters

Automated,   Accurate,   State-Of-The-Art AI   Solutions To   Extract   Untapped   Insights   From   Your   Video   Feeds

Face Recognizer
Fire Detector
Vehicle Detector

People Tracker

Face Recognizer

Fire Detector

Vehicle Detector

Face Recognizer
Attendance Calculation
Gender & Age Analysis
new vs old Customers
VIP Alerts
Tracking Criminals
and more...
Fire Detector
Automatic Fire Detection from Video Feeds
Proactive Notification to Authorities
know your numbers for disaster management
Critical for out of sight but fire sensitive areas
Vehicle Detector
License Plate Recognition
Make and Model Detection
Automatic Vehicle Log Creation
Controlled Vehicle Access
Ensuring Traffic Compliance
and more...
People Tracker
Realtime Footfall Counts
Historical Foot Traffic Analysis
Monitoring Unauthorized Movement
and more...

Many Applications Across Different Industries

Commercial & Residential Buildings
roads and Bridges
Custom Use Cases
Census Smart Counters software can be deployed to work with your existing cameras.
Extract more value from existing infrastructure
Users can also opt for a greenfield deployment with cameras, networking, computing hardware as a package