Census Smart Counters

Simple, Powerful, Digital, Connected, Configurable & Affordable counting solutions

As a user counts with Census, the data is saved automatically, analyzed instantly and shared immediately


Census automatically stores the counts


Multiple Census devices can sync counts in real time


Counts can be shared instantly over phone and web apps


Census analyzes data in real time for immediate insights

Census is affordable yet sophisticated

Manual mechanical Clickers

Inexpensive but offer limited features

Cameras, Sensors, RFIDs, etc

Automated but expensive to own and maintain

Feature rich, minimal training, & low cost of ownership

Census Solution = Census Hardware + Census Software


Cloud Database

Software engine



Census Hardware is fully loaded like a swiss army knife

  • Compact & Ergonomic

  • High resolution touch screen

  • Gaming quality buttons for eyes closed counting

  • Hook for lanyards & belt clips

  • Speaker and mic for audio

  • High quality camera

  • Long lasting battery with USB charging

Interactive dashboards for web and mobile

View summary reports over a map or drill down to visualize detailed reports and charts

Select from preset filters or create custom visualizations on the fly

Census is for anyone who wants to count, save, sync, share, & analyze in real time