About Us

We offer cutting-edge products and solutions in the space of AI, ML, Computer Vision, IoT, Business Intelligence, etc. as well as provide full-spectrum software development and staffing services. CCTV or Security Cameras are ubiquitous. They have become an inescapable part of our lives. However, their primary use is limited to post-event analysis where data from the cameras get stored and remains unused till certain events occur. We are dedicated to changing this landscape by offering purpose-driven AI/ML/IoT solutions to extract insights from cameras and other sensory devices and unravel otherwise unseen patterns, possibilities, and business risks. We combine our technical understanding with strong yet agile processes and disciplined execution to drive innovations and enable transformations.

Manish Mohanty, Co-Founder

25 years of experience in Program and Product Management, Practice Set Up, Talent Acquisition, & Operational Improvements. Manish holds a B.Tech from NIT, Kurukshetra and an MBA from University of Virginia.

Tushar Khichariya, Co-Founder

Over 25 years of experience in IT & Business Process consulting, Business Development, and Data Sciences. He holds degrees in Electrical engineering from NIT, Bhopal and an MBA from IIM Calcutta.

Pavel Zolotykh, CTO

15+ years of engineering and management experience in R&D, Artificial Intelligence, Business Transformation Consulting, and Talent Acquisition. Pavel holds a Master’s degree from Moscow State University in Mathematics.

Satyajit Das, CFO

Over 25+ years of experience in investment banks, large corporates, and start-ups across Real Estate, Oil & Gas, and Petrochemicals. He holds a B.Tech from NIT, Rourkela, and an MBA from the University of New South Wales.